Durban Poison

This 100 % Sativa, Landrace Genetic is from the African Port city of Durban and was brought to the United States by Cannabis Activist Ed Rosenthal in the 1970s.


Fruit Loop

Our Fruit Loop took 12th place out of 190 entries in the 2018 Oregon Growers Cup !

A cross between Blackberry Kush and Raspberry Kush brings you this purple indica dominant hybrid. Named after Oregon's infamous 35 mile fruit orchard tour in Hood River, Fruit Loop is sure to bring you through a multitude of rich fruity flavors.


Meringue Pie

A true one of a kind after dinner delight. This chunky treat is an amazing cross of Lemon Diesel and Face Off OG bx1. This brilliant cross brings you a sweet meringue Indica dominant hybrid.



Our Stiletto took 16th place out of 190 entries in the 2018 Oregon Growers Cup !

How we ended up with this amazing strain is a mystery ! Gelato 43 X Dos Si Dos gave one of our senior trimmers the idea to name this Indica dominant hybrid Stiletto.


Gorilla Glue #4

This award winner with an accidental cross of Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel is the best mistake ever made. Its name is the perfect explanation of the sticky perfection of this Sativa dominant hybrid.


Rudeboi OG

A brilliant cross of Irene OG and Face Off OG BX1 brings you another descendant of Archive Seed Bank. This Indica dominant hybrid will definetely please your nose, eyes and taste buds.


Super Blue

An extraordinary cross of Super Silver Haze X Blue Magoo. This well planned combo brings you a frosty, blue and purple Sativa Dominant hybrid.


Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is a name that best describes this Starfighter X Cookies cross. With its sweet vanilla creamy aroma and frosty goodness this one is perfect for an after dinner treat.


The Future

The Future is GG#4 X Starfighter. The strain name says it all for this balanced 50/50 hybrid. We heard that this strain is The Future.


Mt. Hood Magic

Another brilliant cross with Northern Lights #5 X Durban Poison brings you this Portland Oregon Native. With a few different Phenos that lean on both the Indica and Sativa side of hybrid, this particular cut is the Sativa dominant hybrid.


CBD Critical Mass

Though the full genetic make up of this plant is un-disclosed, we do know that Critical Mass is one of the parents. Whatever CBD Strain was chosen as a parent was a choice that brought a perfect balance of THC to CBD of 1:1.

Jack Herer

Named after The Emperor of Hemp, Jack Herer suits this classic beautiful Sativa dominant hybrid cross of Northern Lights X Shiva Skunk X Haze.

Strawberry Trainwreck

The infamous Trainwreck collides with Strawberry Cough and brings you this fruity pungent 50/50 indica/sativa balanced hybrid. Strawberry Trainwreck is sure to please any discerning cannabis enthusiast.